неделя, 19 септември 2010 г.

A danger area for the grey sky

Our fears are incidents from unconnected dots. If connected, they become whole. I keep my fears and heal yours with precise stitches. Have no fear of ghosts. They are so much fun! Even the dark ones, who are hanging above me. Welcome! Inside of me there is plenty of place for more. Our fears are red spiderwebs. Magnificent... A danger area for the grey sky.

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  1. Fears..there's no any fear capable to survive within our bloody dreams..;)) indeed..when it comes to fears - it is just a wrong immagination, that creates fears from the wall's scratches, but instead of doing this, it's allways better to imagine something funny ;) Or at least - something not so scarry ;)) Lol..like ghosts-/"\
    or.../:\ a scarecrow ;)